Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps


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ProActive CounterPulsation® Featuring the Unique WAVE® Algorithm

The AutoCAT2WAVE® IABP relies on a unique combination of FiberOptix Sensor Technology, aortic flow timing, proprietary WAVE® Software and the AutoPilot Mode of operation to achieve its high level of performance — even in patients with severe arrhythmias.

  • Speed-of-light AP signal transmission overcomes delays of fluid-filled systems
  • Reliably anticipates and determines AV closure — before it occurs
  • 98% timing accuracy within 12 milliseconds (ms) — even during severe arrhythmias
  • WAVE® Algorithm sets inflation point within the beat, even during arrhythmias
  • Increases time for coronary perfusion and decreases afterload
  • AutoPilot Mode consistently maintains triggering and timing — Proprietary Best Signal Scoring software brings automaticity to a new level of reliability
  • Counterpulsation Brochure
  • Specifications Sheet