Intra-Aortic Balloon Catheter

Arrow® FiberOptix™ Technology IABC

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The Arrow® FiberOptix Technology, the world's first fiber-optic IAB catheter, has been proven in thousands of patients. It is also the only one that works with the unique components of the AutoCAT®2 WAVE® IABP to deliver ProActive CounterPulsation®. Arterial Pressure signals will go with the speed of light to the pump giving a clean and fast AP signal that will benefit IABP support to the patient.

  • Consistent AP signal: Transmits better information faster
    • Unaffected by dampening, noise, and movement; will not degrade over time
    • No maintenance of fiber-optic signal
    • No electrical interference from cautery
    • No transducer-induced motion artifact
  • Back-up safety for AP signal: Should it be required, the FiberOptix Technology can be used as a traditional fluid-filled catheter
  • Abrasion-resistant: The Cardiothane® II Membrane offers a unique design of abrasion resistant material with hydrophilic coating
  • Universal design: Sheathed or sheathless insertion options; optional hemostasis device for post-insertion bleeding control
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  • The accurate, real-time advantages of FiberOptix Technology is available only when the catheter is used with the AutoCAT2WAVE® Pump Console. However, FiberOptix Technology can be used as a conventional catheter with any IABP, ensuring continuity and ease in cases of patient transfer.